Japanese Grammar 102 – Demonstrative Pronouns

Kore (This) – Referring to something very close to the person talking

Kore+ra=Korera (These)

Sore(That) – Referring to something not close but not far from the person talking

Sore+ra=Sorera (Those)

Are (That) – Referring to something far from the person talking

Are+ra=Arera (Those)

Kore wa isu desu – This is a chair
Are wa yama desu – That is a mountain

*desu confirms what is said in the sentence.

The demonstrative pronouns can become demonstrative adjectives by keeping the first two letters and adding ­no at the end for the singular and just adding ­no for the plural:

Kono jisho- This dictionary
Sono pen – That pen
Ano kōen – That park
Korerano hon – These books
Sorerano monogatari – Those fairy­tales

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